Samantha Nuttall

Founder of The Neurodivergent Coach


Sam has a lifetime of lived experience being Neurodivergent, but only 3 years experience of actually knowing she was so! 

As one of an increasing number of late-diagnosed Neurodivergent adults, particularly women; Sam's experience of growing up, working and parenting pre and post-diagnosis and treatment, brings a unique perspective to her work in coaching individuals and in creating organisational cultures of belonging for Neurodivergent people. 

Sam has over 20 years of relevant experience in a variety of professional roles,  including as an Access and Inclusion Consultant for the Australian Network on Disability, as the Careers and Employability Coach for the prestigious University of Sydney Business School and as an Early Years Recruiter and Talent Development Manager at Deloitte.

She holds a Bachelors Degree in Sociology, a Postgraduate Diploma in Coaching Psychology and further qualifications in Project Management and Training and Assessment. 

Sam is a Consultant, Coach, Facilitator, Trainer, Content Developer, inclusive Designer and Public Speaker, who delights in working both with individuals and with all kinds of organisations. She is a group moderator for one of the largest Facebook ADHD groups in Australia, ADHD Whisperer, a voluntary Ethics Teacher for Primary School Students and a Board Member for The Neurodiversity Academy, Australia. 

Sam lives on the South Coast NSW with her 100% Neurodivergent family and growing menagerie of family pets. She enjoys beach life, good food, nerding out on Philosophy and Psych theory and collaborating on local community building projects. She is also a passionate advocate for the inclusive education of Neurodivergent children in mainstream schools and undertakes pro-bono advocacy work in this area when possible. 


Sam strives to create positive change in all her projects.. She asks "What If..." rather than "No, But..."

Sam is always open to collaborations with others who share the same values and mission as her - to change the life and employment outcomes of Neurodivergent people for the better..

Together we can save the world! 

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