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Organisational Consultancy Services

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Impactful Co-Designed Solutions 

I enable organisations to create 

inclusive cultures where people who are neurodivergent can belong and thrive.

My consulting approach means that I work with each organisation differently. I take the time to understand each unique environment before exploring and implementing 'co-designed' solutions that always include the lived experience of neurodivergent thinking, ideally from the neurodivergent people already working for your organisation. 

As an experienced HR professional, Inclusion practitioner and neurodivergent person, I am able to bring a multitude of perspectives to each Consultancy Engagement to design solutions that work for all. 


Imagine the value to your organisation if everyone felt able to bring their whole self to work, could focus on doing their best job, and were supported by Managers and Leaders who were confident in their Neuro-inclusive practices.  

Learning Solutions and Coaching

 As an experienced Learning Designer and Facilitator, I offer bespoke learning solutions that will enable your teams to understand the benefit of creating an equitable environment where those that think differently can belong and thrive.


Solutions include blended learning programs, online self-paced modules, facilitated workshops, seminars and work-based activities that drive measurable behaviour change. 

Virtual Team Meeting

Information Sessions and Speakers

It is well known that compelling storytelling is one of the most powerful forces for change. 

As an experienced public speaker, I am able to talk to your teams, organisation or clients about my lived experiences and deliver powerful insights about how your organisation can ensure it creates a culture of Belongong for people who are Neurodivergent. 

To speak further about how I might add value as a Speaker, or as an Inclusion Consultant for your organisation, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss further. 

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