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I empower Neurodivergent people to design lives and careers they love!


You can work with me on an Individual Coaching basis or via a Group Coaching Masterclass program. 

In individual coaching sessions, we work one to one to co-design a strengths based, values driven, plan for managing your career or broader goals. 

Whether you want to design personalised, neurodivergent friendly strategies to help you get things done, completely re -imagine your career, or anything inbetween, we can work together in person, or online in a timeframe to suit you. 

"I loved working with Sam and finding insights together...The improved clarity about where I should focus next is a weight off my shoulders"

Client Feedback 2021

"I was able to finally get clarity on my strengths, interests and limitations and understand how my 'spiky ADHD profile' manifests differently in different contexts..."

Client Feedback 2021

Before, I would have changed careers on a whim...Through better knowing myself, where I want to go and why, I can now move forward with confidence 

Client Feedback 2021

"Sam's lived experience of neurodivergence meant I was comfortable being honest and think about strategies that work for me ...AND, she never told me to use a Diary!

Client Feedback 2021

What makes working with me unique?

The difference is pretty simple....

When you work with me you don't need to mask or explain, because I am Neurodivergent too. 

The coaching I deliver is different because of the beliefs and values that underpin my coaching practice combined with my professional and lived experience. 

My goal is for you to BE YOU;  the most confident comfortable, neurodivergent you. 

I challenge the popular notions that neurotypical ways of doing things are the gold standard, that neurodivergent people should settle for lives or careers others have deemed possible for them, or that masking should be undertaken in the workplace in order to succeed. 

The coaching process I use encourages authentic expression, personal agency and a strong sense of identity. 

Be You
Brainstorm to Success

Neurodivergent Career Coaching

Neurodivergent people tend to have interest led brains and what is often referred to as 'spiky' skill profiles.


We thrive in strengths based, enabling environments that leverage our interests and strengths whilst minimising the time and effort we spend either working in ways or on things we find most challenging.

When we work together, my clients develop a deeper appreciation of their own unique, valuable skills and abilities and a greater understanding of the ways of working that suit them the most as their authentic selves. 


Together, we use this insight to co-design a specific and individualised career plan that enables them to pursue or maintain a career they will thrive in and are excited about. 

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