Latest Update: Level Up! - Career Design Masterclass October Round Launches Week of 25th October 2021

Rescheduled due to the implications of the NSW Covid19 Lockdown. Finally, it's happening!


Feeling stuck in your career and as though you are achieving 50% of what you are capable of?

Want support to design a neurodivergent strengths based career that you will love and flourish in? I've coached 100s of job seekers just like you to design careers and can't wait to reach more.


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What makes our Career Coaching different? 


Simple. We believe that people who are Neurodivergent can, should and do shine in thier Careers BECAUSE they are Neurodivergent, not in spite of it. 


Our mission is to empower each Neurodivergent person to design a career for themselves that leverages their unique strengths, abilities and interests.


We challenge the notion that Neurodivergent people should settle for Careers that others deem possible for them or be encouraged to mask their differences in the workplace. 


We choose to challenge the status quo of poor employment and educational outcomes for Neurodivergent people across the globe and to partner with other organisations that strive for this common cause. 

Be You

More about our approach 

We get it. You dont need to explain. 

We are Neurodivergent too. 

We know you need us to do things differently.


We know that the average Careers Advice isn’t going to ‘cut it’ for many Neurodivergent people, and given the poor employment outcomes for our Neurokin, the evidence is clear. 

Neurodivergent people have interest led brains and specific skills. They thrive in, enabling envirionments that leverage their interests and strengths whilst minimising the time and effort spent on areas of weaknesses. 

Our goal is for you to build confidence in the unique skills and abilities you can use in the workforce and to help you to develop a specific and individualised career map that you can use to secure your ideal role. 

We draw on our lived experience of being Neurodivergent, along with the latest evidence based research in Coaching Psychology and mix it up with our experience in Disability Advocacy, Career development and HR Consulting to ensure that you receive meaningful, helpful support and guidance, not generalised Employment Advice.  


You can work with us to design and build a career you love on an individual basis or share the experience with others on the same journey via our online Group programs.

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