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  • Samantha Nuttall

Disclosing your Neurodivergence at work is a trade off, but is it worth it?

To share or not to share. That, is the question!

The question of disclosing or what I prefer to call 'sharing information' about our diagnosis is always a huge topic in any conversation for Neurodivergent people at work.

In my experience, it is always a trade off with an upside and downside to whichever decision you make.

In this article, published by Neurodiversity Media , I discuss the upsides and downsides of sharing or not sharing, so you can make a decision that is right for you.

"...the upside is that we might take that gamble and we win. And when we win, we win big. We don’t shrink....
We will be valued for our neurodivergent strengths, our neurodivergent wisdom and take up the space that we were born to occupy.
We might experience the deep joy of authentic connection and belonging that all humans are programmed to seek...
...And, if we do achieve this, we might show others that they don’t have to shrink either..."

The Neurodivergent Coach highly recommends Neurodiversity Media as an excellent resource written by Neurodivergent people for Neurodivergent Professionals in Australia and beyond. Check out and support

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