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I empower Neurodivergent teens and young adults to design careers that are strengths based, interest driven, and in which they will succeed BECAUSE of their Neurodivergence, not in spite of it.  



.I support parents and carers of Neurodivergent teens and young adults to enable their children to successfully navigate the transition from Education to Employment. 

Common Questions from parents include: 

  • When should we start encouraging our Neurodivergent teen to think about the future? 

  • How can I best support my teen/young adult in their career decisions? 

  • What careers suit Neurodivergent people/ADHD people/Autistic people?

  • Should my child share information about their Neurodivergence in the workplace?

  • How can I support my child to advocate for themselves in the workplace?

Successful Teenagers
Teenage Group

In what ways does a strengths based coaching approach support Neurodivergent Teens and Young adults? 

  • Increases self esteem and confidence 

  • Fosters a sense of hope by reinforcing personal strengths and competencies

  • Increases the sense of control over future career decisions

  • Learn career planning, workplace and employment strategies that what worked for them

  • Increases personal insight and understanding

Teen and Young Adult Career Design Masterclass - Jan 2022 Launch


Everyone should have the opportunity to succeed in a career they will love and thrive in! 

This Masterclass program includes: 

  • 4 weekly online group ‘coaching sessions’ 

  • Recordings of the online content for those who don't make it, or prefer not to be in a group

  • An online resource pack with evidence-based activities

  • Weekly optional online live group drop-in check ins

  • Lifelong access to the content 

  • Access to a 30% discount on further one to one career coaching from The Neurodivergent Coach

Training course

Parent and Carer Workshops

This bite-sized workshop is designed specifically for parents and carers of Neurodivergent teens and Young  adults who want to find out more about how to best support their child in their career planning. 

If you are looking for a safe place to ask questions about the best way you can support your child to make good, evidence based career decisions, this is the place for you! 

Want to hear more from me on the good, the bad and the ugly about neuro-inclusive employment, how you can support your Neurodivergent Teen or Young adult in their transition to employment and my own lived experience?

Check out Episode 22 of "Square Peg Round Whole" with the amazing Lou Kuchel now. 

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