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ADHD Whisperer x SAVED Give Back Program 
Helping Neurodivergent Kids at Risk to Level Up too! 


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It’s estimated that one in 20 Australian children live with ADHD.

However, many children miss out on a diagnosis during their early years, despite displaying ADHD-related symptoms. According to a 2020 study by the Murdoch Children's Research Institute,  “Only one in every five children meeting criteria for ADHD at age 7 already has a diagnosis.”


In order to help combat this issues, the Neurodivergent Coach is partnering with the ADHD Whisperer Group on Facebook to give group members an easy way to help solve this problem. For every group member that takes part in a Neurodivergent Coach Career Design Masterclass, I will donate 10% to the Australian Charity 'SAVED'



The charity 'SAVED’ provides free, early screening of attentional, learning, emotional, and behavioural differences for primary school children with the ultimate goal of radically improving the life and educational outcomes for children who might otherwise go undiagnosed and unsupported. Missed diagnosis particularly impacts children who belong to another disadvantaged group e.g. in out of home care. Research shows that undiagnosed ADHD significantly contributes to poorer educational/employment outcomes and sadly, to the well documented School-to-Prison pipeline. 


As a late diagnosed ADHD woman, I am determined to ensure that we reduce the impact of unsupported ADHD on others and I have specifically designed my business in ways that enable me to contribute to this goal. 


So, when you reserve and pay a Career Coaching program with me, I will donate 10% of the program price (after costs) to ‘Saved’, enabling more children who are at risk of missed diagnosis to be screened.


Essentially not only will you have access to the tailored support you need to design a career based on your Neurodivergent strengths, you will also be helping to reduce the negative impact of ADHD on a child who might otherwise remain unsupported.


The cost of the 6 week Masterclass is $199+GST. This affordable pricing already reflects my desire to ensure the coaching I deliver is accessible for as many neurodivergent people as possible. 

To save your spot on the next Level Up Career Design Masterclass AND give back to SAVED, make sure you use this special ADHD Whisperer Link to book: 




For more information on the amazing work SAVED do, go to











About the Level Up - Career Design Masterclass

When it comes to a Career journey, mindset matters.

The things we believe to be true about our strengths, skills and neurodivergence 100% affect our career outcomes. If you are feeling stuck in your career; if you are feeling as though you are achieving 50% of what you are capable of, it’s time to Level Up. 


Thoughts and beliefs influence the career paths we follow; they impact future we dare to imagine; the jobs we create or apply to; the confidence we have in demonstrating value to an organisation in an interview; and whether we believe we have the right to ask for the additional support or adjustments we need in the workplace. 


I want your mindset to support, not hinder, your Career Journey.

I believe you deserve to thrive in your career BECAUSE of your neurodivergent strengths, not in spite of them. I believe you will have the most success in your life when you work with your amazing divergent brain, not against it.

If you want to develop this kind of mindset, and design this type of Career, join the next 6-week Level Up Career Design Masterclass and let’s do it!


In this 6-week program you will foster a positive career mindset, based on human centred design principals, to support you in your job search and./or career planning. This approach puts YOU at the centre of the decision-making process and back in conscious control of the thoughts and actions that impact your career. 

When undertaking the program, you will work to further understand your neurodivergent strengths, skills, and interests and consider how to apply them when job searching or planning your career. This evidence-based approach is designed to help you to feel confident in exploring your career ideas in new ways that suit your neurology. 

All activities are evidence-based interventions from Coaching Psychology and/or Careers and Employability theory. The program is built on the foundation of the social model of disability, the neurodiversity paradigm and are brought to you by an experienced neurodivergent careers coach with over 20 years’ experience (that's me!) 

When you start the program, you will receive:


  • 6 x weekly 60-minute online group ‘coaching sessions’ 

  • Recordings of the online content for those who don't make it or prefer not to be in a group

  • An online resource pack with evidence-based activities to support you to 'Level Up' 

  • Weekly 'Deep Dive' evidence-based insights to further your reading (perfect for those who love some topic hyperfocus!)

  • Access to a closed, moderated, Neuro-inclusive Facebook Group where you can ask questions or share ideas and progress 

  • 6 x weekly 30-minute optional online live group drop-in check ins

  • Lifelong membership to the content so you can progress in your own time. 

  • **A bonus gift sent to you in the post - yay! **

Your Program Outline:

  • Understand how thinking patterns impact successful employment and career outcomes, and why this particularly matters for neurodivergent people. 

  • Identify and combat common thinking patterns that cause career challenges and setbacks

  • Understand and apply three evidence based "Thinking Hacks" you can use to think and act differently in your career planning or job search. 

  • Explore, and take practical steps to apply Career Design principles that will enable you to take action towards developing a flourishing career. 

  • Develop an individual, evidence-based, step by step plan to apply the Career Design learnings.

  • Be supported to stay accountable to your goals and action plans. ​

Pricing of the Masterclass Program: 

The pricing of the 2021 Program is $199+GST per person, paid in advance. 

This program has been priced at a significantly reduced cost from our general Career Coaching programs in recognition of the significant financial disadvantages many neurodivergent people face in terms of their employment. By keeping the pricing as affordable as possible, we believe this program provides the opportunity for anyone who needs support to access it. 

If you are NDIS funded, we are happy to issue an Invoice suitable for Self-Managed or Plan Managed claims but are not, yet NDIS registered. Please use the contact form on our home page to request an invoice. 

Spaces for the October 2021 Program are limited and selling fast - Reserve your place above now! 

Frequently Asked Questions

If the answers to our FAQs don't give you what you are looking for or you need more information on any of our services, book a 15 minute cost free consultation with me instead. 

Q.1 Can you provide learning adjustments to the program for me if needed?

YES! I understand that you might need things to be done differently in terms of learning content as a result of your neurodivergence. if this is the case, just let me know and we can design a plan that works for you!

Q.2 Will you coach or advise me on Recruitment processes in this program e.g. How to succeed in Interviews?

Not directly. This program specifically focuses on the mindsets we use when we contemplate, plan, or consider our Careers/Employment and how, by fine tuning these, we can significantly impact the end results. Elements of the recruitment process, like interviews, are likely to be mentioned but this is not a 'recruitment process' specific program or step by step guide. If a class of this nature is of interest to you, do let me know. 

Q.3 Do I have to work with others or participate in the group activities?

No! I know that, as a neurodivergent person, flexibility is important in terms of how you engage with learning content. The program is a mixture of self-paced coaching content (learning and activities you can do whenever and wherever you want) and OPTIONAL online, facilitated, group sessions, to allow for everyone’s learning preferences. If the group sessions don't work for you, that's totally fine. Content will also be pre-recorded to accommodate your preference. We are all about equitable adjustments!

Q.4 Its a 6-week program. What if I don't complete it in 6 weeks? 

Not a problem. You have lifetime access to the content and can complete it whenever you choose. Once the program launches, there will be regular online sessions running and you will continue to receive notification of these unless you opt out. You can join a check-in session anytime and at any stage so feel free to go through the program at a pace that suits you.  

Q.4. I am suspicious!  

Is this gonna be some airy-fairy nonsense where you tell me to manifest the job I want? Or are you going to tell me that my mindset can somehow overcome the external barriers that neurodivergent people face in terms of employment?

Absolutely Not. I subscribe to the social model of disability, the neurodiversity paradigm and personally strive every day to positively impact the inclusive behaviours of organisations and the broader system.


All programs I develop are based on the notion that the participation of neurodivergent people in the workplace is hugely impacted by environmental factors. However, I also believe that systemic discrimination plays a huge role in creating and reinforcing the negative internal beliefs of neurodivergent individuals that can limit their career success. As such, the program also draws from theories in performance psychology that speak to the impact that mindset and beliefs have on positive life outcomes.

I have met so many neurodivergent people in my career, who, through a lifetime of negative messaging and experiences, believe they have no choice or agency in their careers/employment. They have been told time and time again that they will never be able to flourish in this life domain or that they must deny their neuro-differences to do so. These negative beliefs often make it impossible for them to articulate or demonstrate their implicit value in the workplace or to ask for the workplace adjustments that are legally available to them. As such, the negative beliefs become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

As such, I believe action is needed at a both a systemic and individual level to create positive change for neurodivergent people in the workplace. Only then can we 'Level Up' with our neurotypical peers to achieve career parity. 

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