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 Special Participant Offer! 



I hope you had a fantastic time at the ADHD Entrepreneur Summit. 

As you will have heard in my presentation, so many Neurodivergent people feel like they are Imposters in the workplace. In fact, people who are Neurodivergent/distinct have one of the highest rates of 'Intense' Imposter Syndrome; a situation proven to create major internal obstacles for anyone running their own Business. 

This high incidence of the intense feelings of 'not being good enough' have many causes. One specific cause for people who are Neurodivergent is the often internalised belief that we do not meet the 'gold standard' Neurotypical ways of working or doing things. 

When I work with a client, we take the time to discover their specific strengths, ways of working and environmental factors that work best for them, as a Neurodivergent person. Once they understand the conditions that enable them to be fully engaged, positively energised and 'in flow' at work, they can design their career, whether working for themselves or others, for success. 

I am offering all ADHD Entrepreneur Summit Participants 20% off the price of any coaching program or series of individual coaching sessions. If you are just exploring the idea of working for yourself, if you have an idea ready to go or if you are an established Neurodivergent entrepreneur keen to develop ways of working that are more in tune your Neurodivergent strengths, then I would love to support you. 


To take advantage of this unique discount for Summit participants, register your interest here now. Got a question? You can book a 15 minute cost free consultation with me at a time to suit you. 

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