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Hi, I'm Sam, the Neurodivergent Coach!

I'm an experienced Careers and Life Coach, Facilitator and corporate Inclusion Consultant. I provide individual and group coaching to individuals who identify as neurodivergent and provide guidance and workplace training on how to create Neuro-Inclusive workplaces to HR teams, Managers and entire organisations


I'm on a mission to change the life and employment outcomes for all Neurodivergent individuals, at an individual, organisational and systemic level. 


Message me on the contact form below or set up a 15 minute chat to talk about how we can work together to create the change you or your organisation need. 

My Mission

To create organisational cultures where people who are Neurodivergent (think differently) belong, thrive and flourish. 


To empower people who are Neurodivergent to design careers built upon their unique strengths, abilities and interests.

To challenge the global status quo of poor employment and educational outcomes for people who are Neurodivergent and passionately pursue systemic change.  

I loved working with Sam...she made sure the process was clear, enjoyable and scaffolded to my's a great weight off my shoulders to have a path forward "

Client Feedback 2021

"I was able to finally get clarity on my strengths, interests and limitations and understand how my 'spiky ADHD profile' manifests differently in different contexts..."

Client Feedback 2021

Before, I would have changed careers on a whim...Through better knowing myself, where I want to go and why, I can now move forward with confidence 

Client Feedback 2021

"Sam's lived experience of neurodivergence meant I was comfortable being honest and think about strategies that work for me ...AND, she never told me to use a Diary!

Client Feedback 2021

Why Neurodiversity Inclusion matters 

Neurodiversity is the "biological diversity of human brains and minds – the infinite variation in neurocognitive functioning within our species” - Nick Walker, Academic


15% of the population have particularly distinct ways of thinking that differ from the ‘typical’ or 'majority'. These include, but are not limited to, those who are identified as Autistic, ADHD, Dyslexic/Dyscalculic/Dyspraxic, as having Tourette’s Syndrome. 

Teams that embrace Neurodiversity, and include Neurodivergent people, have been found to significantly increase creativity innovation, profit and demonstrate an increase in positive engagment for all employees.

However, people who are Neurodivergent still experience one of the highest rates of disadvantage in terms of employment, career advancement and life outcomes, even when compared with other disadvantaged groups, including those with other types of disability. 

Due to lifetime stigmatisation and discrimination, Neurodivergent people often to demonstrate their unique strengths and distinct value to organisations, particularly via ‘traditional’ and often biased recruitment processes. A study in the UK in 2020 showed that over 50% of hiring managers stated that they would prefer to not hire a Neurodivergent person if given the choice - showing we still have a long way to go in changing attitudes and bias!

Many organisations strive to be ‘inclusive’ but still rely on segregated ‘Neurodiversity’ employment programs or ‘employment skills’ training which teach people who are Neurodivergent to mask their differences at work, often to the detriment of their mental health and self identity. 

If we really want to embrace the benefits of diverse thinking, we have to go beyond what we are doing currently. We have to actively create Belonging for people who think differently. 

Belonging requires not just an acceptance of diversity, or the practice of inclusion. Belonging requires the active creation of equity for different ways of doing things. Belonging requires difference to not just  be ‘permitted’ but embraced. 

Acknowledgment of Country 

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The Neurodivergent Coach respectfully acknowledges the Wadi-Wadi people of the Dharawal nation; traditional Custodians of the land on which I physically live and work. I pay my respects to Elders past, present and emerging and celebrate the diversity of Aboriginal peoples and their ongoing cultures and connections to the lands and waters of NSW.   

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